The 5 Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair

After purchasing the best central vacuum for your home, don’t forget to look for the best powerhead that suits your needs. There is a wide range of options in the market.

Today, we will discuss the best central vacuum powerheads. Also, we help you know how to choose them. Although central vacuum systems have powerheads, you may have to replace yours.

Even when you want to change your old powerhead, you have to purchase the absolute best in order to get the best service from your installation.

Top Five Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair

NuTone CT700 Deluxe Central Vacuum Electric Power Brush Tool

This device is one of the best electric powerheads in the market now. In order to keep your house clean without dust, you should consider using this powerhead. This device can also be used to clean deeply your carpet. It’s also known for its long life.

This unit is basically an upgraded version of the NuTone CT600. Therefore, it’s equipped with new and improved features. You can easily adjust its height with a touch of your toe. In addition, it’s packed with a reset button that can help to prevent burning the motor in the event that it jams.

Besides, it has a wider LED light, so you can easily clean dark and hard-to-reach places. However, some customers said that this powerhead gets broken easily.

ZVac EX Central Vacuum Powerhead with Metal Roller

This device is popular for its powerful electric motor. It is able to clean deeply any type of carpets regardless of what type of thickness it has.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a bright headlight that helps you clean dark areas with ease. Furthermore, this unit comes with a protective bumper. Therefore, it helps to prevent smudging your baseboards or walls when vacuuming.

Also, this powerhead offers you the confidence that it is able to last longer. Although the device doesn’t have a wand or other accessories, it is still able compatible with any 1-¼-inch button wand.

In addition, this unit just weighs 5.3 pounds. Therefore, you will need to put less effort into cleaning. However, its power cord is short a bit.

AirVac VM458 14-inch Deluxe Power Brush Nozzle

This is a powerful electric powerhead. It has a 14-inch carpet brush in addition to several other features. This power brush is packed with a headlight for more efficient cleaning. The varying amount of load is decided by certain factors such as the thickness of the carpets or the smoothness of the surface that you are vacuuming.

This powerhead is used commonly for jamming and stalling. Once this occurs, the circuit breaker of the device will turn off the power. It comes with a red button at the rear of the brush. You just need to press this button to reset the circuit breaker.

There are also accessories included in this powerhead like the built-in squeegee. Therefore, it can work greatly on hard surfaces. Moreover, it comes with a non-marring bumper as well. This feature is to prevent the walls from getting scratched. Additionally, it has a wand with the quick-release pedal as well as an electric headlight.

Beam Sweep n Groom Rugmaster Power Head

Another good central vacuum powerhead is the Beam Sweep n Groom Rugmaster Power Head. It is actually an electric power brush. It is used to clean not only bare floors but also carpeting. It performs greatly with any central vacuum system.

It is able to clean deeply all types of carpets. Indeed, it can deal with the thicker ones to the most basic area rugs. It operates by using a metal agitator, so it is a good option for homeowners with pets at home. Thanks to the metal agitator, it can deal with perfect hair.

Additionally, the brush is made from natural fiber, so it is able to clean bare floor surfaces gently, including tiles, hardwood, laminate floors, and stone floors. Coming to this powerhead, you will receive two different wands in every package for cleaning the carpet and bare floors.

If you want to clean a carpet, you just need to connect one wand to the power nozzle. In order to clean bare floors, simply attach the other wand to the bare floor brush.

Vacuflo Turbocat Nozzle

The Vacuflo Turbocat Nozzle comes with a horizontal turbine for cleaning those areas under the furniture. It has a T-shape design that helps to clean the crevices of chairs and tables with ease. It’s not necessary to concern about scratching the walls and baseboards because of its wrap-around bumper.

It also has the agitator that helps to ensure consistent performance even if you are cleaning the thickest carpets and rugs. This device doesn’t require any power cord to operate. In addition, the device is equipped with uniquely designed brush rollers.

Furthermore, this powerhead comes with glide wheels, so it’s easy for you to maneuver the vacuum when cleaning.

Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Central Vacuum Powerheads for Pet Hair

Quality of the Roller Brush

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right powerhead is the quality of the roller brush. You should look for ones made of durable steel materials. Roller brushes may be also made from aluminum or wood. You should also choose ones with a replaceable brush strip.

Height-Adjustment Feature

The height-adjustment feature is also an important thing to consider. This factor is extremely important if you want to use it for cleaning carpets with varying thickness. Look for devices equipped with a floating head design since it can automatically adjust the height based on the type of surface you are cleaning.

Keep in mind that you may have to use your device to deal with different kinds of flooring surfaces. That’s why the height-adjustment feature is vital to consider.


Both 5 products we mentioned previously are the best in the market today. However, if you are looking for ones that can offer the best value for your wallet, the NuTone CT700 Deluxe Electric Power is highly recommended.

This device ensures to give you everything that you need such as maximum maneuverability, convenient height adjustment, LED lighting, a high-quality roller brush, and improved traction.


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