The 12 Best Toys For Golden Retrievers in 2021 Reviews

Golden retrievers usually take a liking to water, playing fetch, and retrieving. You should keep these characteristics of this breed in mind if you are looking for the best toys for golden retrievers.

To help to save your time and money, we’ve prepared this article on the seven best toys for golden retrievers. In this article, we will introduce to you the best toys for your four-legged friends.

We also include a buying guide in case it’s your first time buying dog toys. Therefore, read on if you want to be kept well-informed!

Best Toys For Folden Retrievers

1. XL Dog Rope Toy by Mary & Kate Pets

This toy is excellent for the type of dogs which are aggressive chewers, and dog owners can also use this for teething puppies. XL Dog Rope Toy by Mary & Kate Pets is thick and extremely durable to point it claims to be nearly indestructible. However, if your golden retriever happens to destroy it, you can always get a one-time free replacement from the company.

This rope toy has three large knots for your dog to chew on and made of thick, durable 24″ cable. There is also a large loop for you to grip, making it perfect for pulling or throwing.


  • Perfect for teething puppies and aggressive chewers.
  • XL has three large knots for your dog to chew on and made of thick, durable 24″ cable.
  • Owners can comfortably grip the rope thanks to the large loop, useful for throwing or tug-of-war.
  • The product is made of natural cotton fibers, a material that is safe and non-toxic.
  • Can be washed in washing machines.
  • One-time free replacement guarantee.
  • Promotes dental health and exercise the dogs’ jaw muscles.


  • The dyes used in the ropes could be harmful to your dogs.

2. Hide A Squirrel Interactive Puzzle Plush by Outward Hound

With Hide A Squirrel Interactive Puzzle Plush, you will no longer worry about your goldens getting bored with their toys! This toy is a squirrel that you can hide, make it squeak, and then watch your golden retriever try looking for it. Hide a Squirrel is an excellent toy for dogs that love play hide-and-seek.

There are four sizes of this toy for you to select. Each squirrel is perfect for fetching, tossing and has a large squeaker inside.


  • A great interactive game for your dogs who love hunting and a game of hide-and-seek.
  • The squirrels can be used fetching objects in case your dogs are not in the mood for a hide-and-seek game.
  • This toy creates no more boredom in your golden retrievers.
  • The squirrel makes fun, real squeaking sounds.
  • The product provides mental stimulation for your dogs.
  • Dogs can play with this toy by themselves or with their owners.


  • After many uses, the squeaker inside the squirrels can be broken.

3. Outward Hound Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Plush

Outward Hound Invincibles Snake is a popular toy among dog owners and their dogs. It is so popular that 5 million of this product has been sold worldwide. There is no doubt that this toy will be a hit with your golden retriever.

Specially made for tough chewers, Outward Hound has made this toy even stronger and long-lasting. Dog owners would no longer be worried about the mess a torn-up dog toy cause since there is no stuffing inside this excellent dog toy.

Outward Hound Invincibles Snake is super durable, lightweight, and an ideal choice for tugging and tossing indoors or outdoors.

Even if the squeakers inside the toy become punctured, they will keep squeaking.


  • Can last for a long time, ensure the fun of your dogs.
  • Made with two layers of sturdy fabric.
  • The inside is lined with dura-tuff, which prevents ripping.
  • Lightweight, no mess caused thanks to no stuffing.
  • Squeakers still work even when punctured
  • Available in 3 sizes and three vibrant and fun colors.


  • The dyes used in this product could be harmful to your dogs.

4. iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs

If you want to keep your golden retrievers entertained for hours, opt for this automatic tennis ball launcher. iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs entertains your dogs by launching a standard sized tennis ball up to 40 feet.

Dog owners can adjust the distance of the launched shots if your house doesn’t have much outdoor space for dogs to play, lock the range to 10 feet and now you have an indoor interactive ball launcher.

By choosing this choice of pet toy, you don’t need to buy batteries. It is because this machine uses a rechargeable battery.

Dog owners will have no problem reloading this machine. In fact, with a little training, they can even teach their Golden Retrievers how to load it themselves.


  • Keeps your dogs entertained by automatically launching standard sized tennis balls for them to catch
  • Dog owners can use their own standard sized tennis balls beside the three tennis balls included.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Launch distance can be adjusted with the touch of a button.


  • The launching time can be unpredictable for your dogs.

5. Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper Fetch and Float Toy

Remember what we told you about the characteristics of golden retrievers? That they love water and fetching games? These characteristics are the reason why buying the Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper Fetch and Float Toy is probably the right choice.

Being natural-born swimmers, Golden Retrievers will surely love to engage in a game of fetch in the water with this toy. The toy is lightweight and has a bright color, making it easier to see it at a distance.

This toy is soft and can last for a long time. It is also comfortable enough and comes in the right size for your four-legged friend to carry around the house.


  • Eye-catching design, made of EVA foam and rubber.
  • Lightweight and floats in water.
  • Multi-purpose can be used to play in a game of fetch.
  • Soft and can last for a long time due to the soft and durable nylon exterior.
  • Can be easily carried around by dogs.
  • Virant colors, natural to see in the water or tall grass.
  • Resists dirt and dog slobber; easy to clean.


  • When compared to other products of the same type, this toy is not as durable.

6. KONG Jumbler Football Toy

With KONG Jumbler Football Toy, the old classic game of fetch will no longer be the same! The tennis ball inside the football jumbles around and makes a loud squeaking noise. Your golden retrievers can quickly grab and shake the exterior football since it has enough give.

Owners can have no difficulty throwing the toy for golden retrievers to fetch; thanks to the two handles on each end of the toy. Dogs and their owners can enjoy a fun game in the water with this toy since the football can float well.

Similar to other dog toys of KONG, KONG Jumbler Football Toy is also durable and built to last. By buying this toy for your goldens, they can be kept entertained for hours long.

KONG Jumbler Football Tou features an unpredictable bounce. Therefore, your dogs will be more excited, guessing the direction that football is going to go next.


  • This is a multi-purpose toy that can be used in many types of games with your dog.
  • The football is easy for dogs to grab and shake; it also has an unpredictable bounce, making your dog guessing.
  • Can be easily thrown due to 2 handles on each end.
  • Ideal for fetching, designed to last long and withstand durable power chew.


  • There are only two sizes of the product.

7. Plush Rabbit Dog Toy by Pet Lou

By the realistic appearance, this plush rabbit dog toy will bring out the hunting instincts in your four-legged companion. The rabbit can squeak, grunt, and its ears crinkle. This toy is perfect for chasing and snuggling.

This soft plush toy is double-stitched for extra durability and an ideal alternative for gentle chewers. Golden Retrievers can carry this toy around in their mouths if they want to, thanks to the well-designed size, only 15”.

The amount of positive reviews this toy received undoubtedly makes it one of the best toys for golden retrievers.


  • Vivid colors and features a realistic look of a real rabbit.
  • Soft, yet still double-stitched for extra durability.
  • Perfect for gentle chewers.
  • Can make many squeaking noises, grunts, and the ears crinkle.
  • Can be washed with washing machines


  • When compared to other products of the same type, this toy is not as durable.

8. Lovely sounding bones

It is the best choice for your Golden who enjoys the noise. Because the bones are the favorable food every dog, the sounding bones are the interactive toys that can attract your pets.

With the shape of bones, the toy forces your Golden bite into components. Therefore, your dog’s teeth can be cleaned. It is suitable for chewing, grinding. Because the animal’s teeth are rising every day, your pet has the risk of tooth decay.

The bones come from the non-toxic and soft natural materials such as rubbers for saving the health of Golden retrievers. The decoration is safe, which has no artificial color. It is not only a friend but also attractive to your pets.

The Golden dogs enjoy playing time with their masters, so you can use these toys for raising the relationship. You can throw the bones around your garden, and allow your dogs to take it back.

Besides, if your pets want to crawl out, you can put the bones into their mouth to bite.


  • Bones shapes to attract the dogs
  • Rubber materials for grinding and cleaning the teeth
  • Safe and vibrant colors
  • Variety of playing actions
  • Affordable price for around 15 dollars


  • Regularly getting dirty because of playing in the ground

9. Fancy octopus trumpet

This toy is one of grinding instruments for your Golden retriever. By understanding the teeth structures of dogs, we provide you with the chewing toys.

The teeth of animals have to be ground every day to reduce the entanglement when eating. It is also the cleaning teeth method.

With one primary color as orange, this toy is safe for the health of pets. The non-toxic materials are suitable for chewing daily. Combined with the quick rubber nuts, your pet will feel comfortable when eating. It helps your dog reduce tooth itching.

The weight of the toy is light and easy to throw around. Therefore, you can play with your Golden retrievers by running in the ground. This activity forces the dogs to feel fancy because they love running and jumping.


  • Lightweight structure
  • Core materials of rubbers that support clean the teeth
  • Nuts design
  • Affordable price


  • Single color that not attractive for eyes-catching

10. Playing all day with vocal pig toys

You can consider the noisy toys which are appealing to the dog’s hearing. If you have young Golden retrievers, you should buy vocal toys for them.

The sound from toys will encourage the Golden’s interactions. To play with the vocal instruments, your dogs can chew or bite into the soft materials. The funny shape as a pinky pig forces your dogs to play.

This toy is a combination of smooth fabric such as wool, cotton. Therefore, it has no sharp and harmful components. Your Golden can free chew any parts of toys.

It will bring a lot of fun because of the multi-functional features. Not only for biting and grinding the teeth, but vocal pig toys also are best friends of your pets. They have the chance to rolling with teddies everywhere.

The Golden dogs do not want to stay alone so that you can present a teddy bear for them. You do not need to take care of your pets all day because of good relationships between vocal pigs and Golden. The toy looks like real animals with eyes, nose, and month.


  • Soft materials
  • Attractive and lively shape
  • Having the sound when biting


  • Hard to laundry
  • Suitable for young and smart pets

11. Swimming with your Golden and rolling ball toys

The rolling balls are available for supporting your pets in the swimming actions. It made from rubbers and ropes.

With the rubber balls, the Golden can bite into toys. You can be satisfied with the safe materials of these toys because they have no artificial colors and toxic smells.

To reduce the broken equipment because of bitten dogs, you should train your pets to play with rubber toys. They can grind the teeth and clean the mouth by chewing. The size of the toys is suitable for young or adult dogs.

In the water, you can force your Golden bite into the balls while you hold the rope. You can inspire the interactions of your pet with running and swimming activities such as throwing around the balls. The cord is elastic so that you can interact with your dog with dug games.

There is only one color, such as yellow-blue design. It is not very attractive for your pet addicts with colorful toys.


  • Safe and soft materials
  • Variety of play activities such as a dug game, the running game
  • None of the toxic parts


  • No choice of color

12. Training for your smart Golden with rubber flying saucers

If you are busy to spend time with your pets, it is possible for a dog’s depression. Therefore, rubber UFO toys are available for playing with dogs.

It is an excellent time when the Golden tries to catch the toys. By throwing around the flying saucers, you allow your interaction of Golden.

With the soft and elastic materials, these toys are not harmful to the pet’s teeth. They are reasonable for cleaning the teeth by rubbing on the toys.

Besides, the durable and robust design is a plus. Your dogs can bite toys tightly many times. It is the same as chewing the gums.

Because the Golden enjoy the colorful toys so that there is plenty of color for choosing such as blue, yellow, and orange, also, the twenty-centimeter size is suitable for small and big dogs. The weight is light with about seventy-six grams, which is easy to control.

Playing with your dogs by flying saucers is fun. You can encourage the dynamism of the Golden by forcing them to run around the garden. If the saucer toys are flying, your pets will try to pursue it.


  • Safe materials with rubber and neutral colors
  • Attractive to pursue
  • Affordable price


  • Need to improve with more colors

How to Pick Golden Retrievers Toys

What are the important factors of the best toys for golden retrievers?

Studies found that the way dogs look at toys is similar to the way that wolves look at their prey. Therefore, if the toy can be ripped apart, tastes good, or makes sounds like animals squealing in fear, it will certainly be an ideal toy for your dog to engage in a game of play-with-the-prey!

One more thing you need to keep in mind is that retrievers, and all other types of dogs, enjoy new toys. This characteristic is a characteristic that human possesses as well. Between a brand new toy and an old toy they’ve already chewed to death, your dog will pick the former one.

Therefore, make sure there’s always room for new additions in your dogs’ toy box!

It is also a good idea to carry out an audit on your dog’s toys once in a while. Wash any toys that have become dirty and throw out any damaged toys that could cause injury for your dogs.

When it comes to washing and cleaning, dog owners should wash outdoor toys at least once a week. A mild antibacterial should also be used when cleaning the dog toys, and this will help get rid of bacteria or worm eggs that could cause harm to your golden retrievers.

Last and not least, all dogs love companies. Therefore, your golden retriever will be overjoyed and far more interested in their toy if you join and play with them. So next time when you catch your dog playing with their toys, why not join them and have some good time together?

Choosing the best toys for golden retrievers

Like we stated at the beginning of this article, different golden retriever has different taste in their toys. Some of them love squeaky toys, soft toys, and chewing toys, some loves tugging, and some take a simple liking to chase balls. Therefore, the way you choose a toy will significantly vary depends on your furry friends’ personal preference!

Below are some essential questions you need to ask yourself before buying a dog toy:

  • Does your dog want to play with an indoor toy or an outdoor toy?
  • How large is your dog’s playground? The size of the toy depends significantly on the answer to this question.
  • How often will your dog play with the toy?
  • How much can you spend on the toy?
  • What kind of play does your golden retriever enjoy the most?

Always put safety as your top priority.

Our utmost advice for you when choosing a dog toy is that you should never pick a toy that could easily shatter or break into pieces when your dog chews it, be it a fully-grown dog or just a puppy. The tiny pieces of plastic from quickly destroyed toys could do serious harm to your dogs one swallowed and digested.

Toys that come in tiny sizes should also be out of the list as well. Because puppy dogs can swallow them, causing suffocation. Puppies are like a human baby, and you need to keep an eye on them and keep them safe all the time! Therefore, you should get your puppies something large enough for them to play with safely.


If you have read through the list of our seven best toys for a golden retriever, you will recognize that the iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs is our runner-up!

We love this product of dog toy because it can keep dogs entertained for hours. What makes it one of the best toys for golden retrievers is that it can run automatically, and the battery is rechargeable. Similar to other dog toys, the balls inside the machine can also make squeaky noises that caught your dogs’ attention. Besides, there is no way a dog doesn’t love a fun ball-chasing game!


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