Golden Retriever and Lab Mix Breed Guide

Golden Retriever and Lab MixThe Golden Retriever and Lab Mix, also known as the Golador, combines two purebreds to form a family-friendly dog. This breed is known to be in service, often as bomb detection dogs and similar jobs. If you live in a multi-pet home, the Golden Retriever and Lab Mix is a sociable breed just for you.

Because Golador is a popular breed among children, they make excellent family dogs. As it is an active dog, it needs an active owner that’s committed to giving them the right amount of TLC and training that they need.

As their parents are high-energy dogs, make sure that you give the Golador just the right amount of workout every single day to maintain a healthy weight and temperament. Since they are often energetic, daily walks and playing are highly important for them. By being devoted to them, you’ll have a lovable and loyal companion for life.

Meet the Parents

The Golador comes from the idea that there’s a need for a service dog with the temperament of the Labrador Retriever and the keen senses of the Golden Retriever. With that said, let’s look at the history of their parents:

Golden Retriever

Officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1925 as a sporting dog, the breed originated from Scotland and England around the 1800s. They were used for retrieving downed game, hence the name. Eventually, they evolved into family dogs with proper training, and later on, they went to become service dogs as well.

Labrador Retriever

Originating from Newfoundland, Canada, this hunting dog served well in game hunting. They came to be after being bred from Newfoundland dogs. Recognized by the AKC as a sporting breed in 1917, the Lab is also a service dog that will make a great family pet. They became so immensely popular in the United States and are one of the most common purebreds around the world today.

Golden Retriever Lab Mix

Ever since the breed mix became a hit, they have been used as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and are used by the military and police for detecting bombs (and maybe other threats).

Many organizations around the world decided to use Golador as a working dog for assisting people. Although they didn’t get the same popularity as other crossbreed designer dogs just yet, they are increasingly popular as working dogs due to their simple coat maintenance and devoted temperament.

Physical Appearance

Height: 22 to 24 inches (males up to 24.5 inches, females up to 23 inches)

Weight: 60 to 80 pounds

The Golden Retriever Lab Mix is a large breed so this is an ideal pet for you if you’re looking for a big dog (for yourself or your family).

When it comes to coats, they will come in a variety of colors, such as chocolate, yellow, or black, and it may vary in light and dark shades. That depends on the parents of the puppies and most will almost look identical to their mom and dad.

Black, yellow, and chocolate Goladors get their color from the Lab while those with golden (light, medium, or dark) coats inherit the physical qualities from the Golden Retriever.

They will have a thick double coat based on the Labrador Retriever, which is water-resistant on its topcoat while its undercoat is quite soft. Depending on the parents, your Golden Lab mix might be either short-coated or long-coated with a wavy texture. Regardless, the Golador’s coat won’t be difficult to maintain.

Temperament and Behavior

As a mix of two purebred dogs, the Labrador Golden Retriever Mix has a temperament that’s just right for a service dog or working dog and as a family dog. Here are some of the best qualities you’ll immediately spot from the Golador:

Loyalty and Obedience

If you are looking for a highly obedient dog that needs little training, the Labrador Golden Retriever Mix is a good choice. This will work best as a dog for those who have not yet owned a dog before since they are easy to train. With that said, you’ll still need to train them properly.

The important caution you should know about is that you shouldn’t scold them harshly to avoid being aggressive. The Labrador Golden Retriever Mix is a sensitive breed so make sure you use positive reinforcement and cuddles instead of shouting at them. If they are properly trained, they will grow to be healthy and loving companions for you and your family.

Playful and Energetic

You will need to spend about 30 minutes of playtime and exercise for your Golden Retriever Lab Mix due to their energetic quality. They will get bored and might destroy your home if you don’t exercise them or at least take them outside. This proper exercise routine will also keep them away from weight and health problems.

Consider playing games with your Labrador Golden Retriever Mix or at least take them with you while jogging or during a morning walk or stroll. If you are going on vacation, you can also take your Golador with you to swim, as they are very good with water.

For apartment and condo unit dwellers, not to worry – the Golden Retriever Lab Mix is okay to keep as long as you have plenty of time to play with your dog.

Sociable and Friendly

A Golador is an excellent choice for a multi-pet family. If you have other pets around, such as cats and even other dogs, the Golden Retriever Lab Mix will make good friends with them. That’s because Golden Retrievers and Labradors are both people-oriented breeds so it’s not surprising that a Golador is sociable.

However, make sure that they do get the right amount of company as they may develop separation anxiety if they are often home alone. Don’t get this breed if you know you have a busy lifestyle. They are also not that ideal for a guard dog since they are too friendly, even for home intruders.

Loving and Affectionate

What makes the Golador an ideal family pet is its affectionate quality. If you’re the type to want a dog to welcome you home with a good amount of licking, expect the Golden Retriever Lab Mix to do just that. This makes this breed a great choice for homes with many kids and other pets.

If you live a dull, boring, and stressful life at work or school, you can come home and be pampered by a very loving dog that is the Golden Retriever Lab Mix. When you give them the right TLC, they will give it back twice or more. Nearly nothing beats the energy and compassion that your Golador will welcome you home with to put a smile on your face after a long day.

Golden Retriever Lab Mix Training

Due to being developed as working dogs, the Golden Retriever Lab Mix is a breed that’s very easy to train, making them ideal for first-time fur parents.

The best time to start training your dog is from 7 to 8 weeks old so that they will have a good temperament when they grow up. You may also go for obedience classes to maintain discipline while also strengthening your bond with your dog.

Caring for a Golden Retriever and Lab Mix

A Golden Retriever Lab Mix is a great dog for beginners due to its easy temperament. However, here are some tips on raising your dog to be a healthy and happy pet:

Good Amount of Exercise

The Golden Retriever Lab Mix, as mentioned above, needs at least half-hour of exercise a day. Consider playing fetch or go jogging with your four-legged friend. You may also buy them an interactive dog toy to keep their mind stimulated and busy to avoid destructive behavior later on.

If you intend to get your Golador into canine sporting competitions, they do very well in flyball and similar agility sports. It’s not surprising since they came from two purebreds that were often used by game hunters.

As with all dogs, always keep a positive tone when speaking to or reprimanding them. Don’t shout unnecessarily to avoid causing problems with their behavior and self-esteem. Use reinforcement techniques such as praising and food rewards to keep your Golden Retriever Lab Mix motivated and happy with themselves.

Proper Diet

When feeding your Golden Retriever Lab Mix, consider high-quality dog food depending on their age and activity levels. About 3 1/2 to 4 1/4 cups a day of dog food (two meals) is recommended for this breed. After feeding them, it is important to get them active to avoid health problems in the future.

Look for a dog food that has lots of proteins and fat for energy. Consider healthy carbs and don’t overfeed your dog or feed them table scraps to keep their body in a healthy shape.


Bathing your Golden Retriever Lab Mix should be done every 2 months or as needed. This depends on how much time your dog spends outside and the type of coat they have (as it was mentioned above that they may either have a short or long coat). Consider dog shampoo that’s just right for their skin. When swimming with your dog, make sure to dry them up quickly.

Since the Golden Retriever Lab Mix is not so much of a shedding dog, they are okay for allergy sufferers as long as you keep your house clean and as long as you groom your pet regularly. Brushing them at least 3 times a week is important, and even more during the breed’s shedding season.

Aside from keeping their coat healthy, the Golden Retriever Lab Mix is also prone to ear infections so always check if they are clean and in good condition. Brushing their teeth and proper nail clipping are also essential parts of their daily (or weekly) hygiene. If you spot anything unusual, don’t hesitate to call your vet about it.

Health Problems

Since the Golador is a mixed breed, they will also most likely inherit the health problems of their parents. Here are some of them:

  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Diabetes
  • EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse)
  • Cataracts
  • Gastric Dilation or Bloating
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Uveitis
  • Cancer
  • Heart Problems

Family-Friendly Breed?

The easy-going Golden Retriever Lab Mix is a family-friendly pet, making it ideal for playing with children. When they are still puppies, they might be a bit harsh and hyperactive but with proper training, they will grow to be disciplined and loving pets.

With that said, always supervise your children when they play with your dog. Teach your child how to approach a dog properly so that they will not get a negative reaction from them. The Golden Retriever Lab Mix mustn’t get disturbed when they’re sleeping or eating so make sure your child knows how to respect their dog.

Finding a Golden Retriever and Lab Mix

Finding a rescue group for the Golador is tricky since it is a crossbreed. However, if you find a shelter that focuses on Golden or Labrador retrievers, there’s a good chance you might find this mix.

When you consider adopting, make sure that you know its history from the caretaker. However, you’ll most likely get an adult mix if you do adopt.

For puppies, always consider getting your Golden Retriever and Lab Mix from an experienced breeder complete with health certificates. It is also important that the puppy grew up in a clean and healthy environment that is well-maintained.


In the long run, the Golden Retriever Lab mix is a great dog for those who want a family pet. They are cuddly and extremely friendly while also being relatively simple to train, making them ideal for homes with kids and multiple pets.

This breed is an excellent choice for those who want a big dog yet doesn’t shed too much. With proper exercise, playtime, the right diet, positive reinforcement, and a lot of attention, the Golador will become a great family companion for life.



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