The Black Golador: Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix Breed Guide

Golden Retriever Black Lab MixIf you’re so intrigued about Black Golden Retrievers then wait until you hear about the Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix or the Black Golador! While not so much a popular designer breed since it is relatively new, these mutts are known to have a full black coat as compared to, let’s say, a Golden with patches of a black coat.

As a large breed, the Black Golador’s physical traits mostly come from the Labrador Retriever, which includes black as one of its standard colors. Are you considering this crossbreed? If you want to take it home, there are certain aspects of this dog breed to consider.

In this article, we wrote down what makes the Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix special, what you need to know when taking care of it, and where to find one. We hope that we can help you find out whether this dog breed is the right choice for your lifestyle and budget.

Meet the Parents

A Black Golador comes from two parents: a Golden Retriever and a Black Labrador Retriever. Let’s have a history lesson of these two breeds first:

Golden Retriever

Known to be a game hunting dog, the Golden Retriever has been around a long time in Scotland and was used to take out downed fowl, where it gets its name. Today, the Golden Retriever serves as one of the top household dog purebreds.

They have also earned spots in the workforce in terms of therapy, assistance for persons with disabilities, search and retrieval operations, bomb-sniffing, drug tracing, therapy, and much more.

This UK-originating dog breed was first developed (bred) by Lord Tweedmouth (Dudley Marjoribanks) to have a waterfowl retrieving companion for hunters. Among the ancestors of the Golden Retriever that we know today include the Water Spaniel, St. John’s Water Dog, Irish Setter, and the Bloodhound.

Despite the many health problems that may lurk in the genetics of this dog breed, the Golden Retriever continues to become a popular breed among American households due to its intelligence, friendly, and active nature.

Labrador Retriever

Originating from Newfoundland, England in the 1800s, the Labrador Retriever was also made to be a waterfowl retriever and occasionally served fishermen. Due to their water-resistant coats, they were the perfect choice for swimming without being weighed down by the currents, also thanks to their webbed toes.

Black is one of the most common colors a Labrador Retriever could have, making them immensely popular. These black dogs are often found as service dogs or hunters.


Black Golador

Now that we have information about the parents, here’s how the Black Golador was developed:

The idea was to create a working dog that has an affectionate temperament, making them ideal for therapy and also easy to train. Therefore the Black Golador was conceptualized after breeding them. The Black Golador has been used ever since for assisting people and as service dogs.

Due to being a designer dog breed, it has no standard and therefore it is usually difficult to determine what your Black Golador will look like based on their parents. They are not that popular yet compared to similar crossbred dogs.

Physical Appearance

Let’s have a look at what a Black Golador looks like:

Height: 22 to 24 inches

Weight: 60 to 80 pounds

Due to having large breeds as parents, the Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix will most likely be a big dog. Their coat will be either short or medium but will be quite dense so regular brushing is needed. The Black Golador falls to the moderate shedding category so they might not be for you if you have allergies.

As for the coat color, you guessed it – they have a black coat. When compared to other similar black dogs, such as a Flat-Coated Retriever, you will see that a Labrador will have a cobby build but they will be significantly smaller than the Flat-Coated. Moreover, a Flat-Coated Retriever may have a liver-like shade so it’s not always black.

However, they can both be wholly-black dogs compared to a Golden Retriever with black patches (which is still a purebred dog, by the way). The ears of the Black Golador will usually be floppy thanks to their parents and are of medium length. They tend to have a black nose and golden brown eyes.

Temperament and Behavior

So what can we say about the Black Golador’s behavior and temperament? Let’s have a look at their core traits:


A Golador is very friendly – perhaps too friendly so they are not fit to be guard dogs. This is because they might easily befriend any stranger or intruder coming to your property. Nonetheless, they are excellent pets with kids because of their friendly nature.


Loyalty is another key trait of the Black Lab Golden Retriever mix. As long as you provide them with treats and positive reinforcement training your pup or adult dog will be a breeze. They are more likely to pass obedience training with flying colors if you give them praise.

This loyalty trait roots down from the Lab and the Golden being made as workaholics. Therefore, they have a strong desire to fetch the morning newspaper, baseball, or anything you ask them to do.

Their alertness is just right and they can become loyal companions if you give them the right amount of training and attention.


The Black Golador is a highly-trainable breed so if this is your first dog, it will be fairly easy for you. Just make sure that you use positive reinforcement to train your dog properly to avoid forming bad behaviors in the future.

Because of the intelligence of the Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix, they are going to be very eager to learn new tricks. Moreover, since they were bred to become working dogs, they have a free spirit so they might be a choice for you if you want a companion dog for therapy and assistance.

Vigorous dog

Like most dog breeds, it’s best to start socializing the Black Golador as early as puppyhood. Taking them outside to play and to walk around the neighborhood lessens their fear of people so that they will less likely become aggressive or troublesome in the long run.

As with their parents, you have to make sure that you have devoted time to pamper and attend to the Black Golador’s needs. If you know you’re going to have a busy schedule more often, this might not be the breed for you.

Apartment dwellers may still have this breed provided that you take them outside for exercise and play as often as needed. The Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix, like its parents, doesn’t want to be home alone all the time.

Loving dog

When it comes to forming a bond with people, expect your Black Golador to be affectionate. This makes it a great family pet and an ideal dog for first-time fur parents. This is the kind of dog breed that will blissfully lick you down when you return home, making it an ideal companion if you feel like you live a boring life.

Black Golador Training

As with many dog breeds, starting from puppyhood is recommended when it comes to training. Since their parents were bred to retrieve downed game using their mouth, they may develop a mouthing problem. To correct this, make sure they get obedience training to avoid or lessen the mouthing habit.

If you have neighbors who can’t stand the barking of a dog, consider socializing them more often and as early as possible. If they get acquainted with different kinds of people, they are less likely to identify them as a threat.

Added toys that will keep their mind and bodies busy are also a plus. This is especially the case when you can’t go outside for whatever reason. This breed is quite the vigorous and active type so make sure you always keep them occupied to avoid turning their energy into destructive behavior later on. Likewise, having toys around will turn away their attention if you often find them chewing on your footwear.

When training your Black Golador, consider a quiet place and time of the day, such as a lazy afternoon or early in the morning. If you live near a highway, consider training them in your backyard or indoors (if you have a wide space) to avoid distraction. A Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix will learn more efficiently in a quiet environment.

Caring for a Black Golador

To properly take care of your Golden Retriever Lab Mix, here are tips on grooming, feeding, and exercise:


Bathe your Black Golador at least once every 2 months or depending on whether it rolls around in dirt more often when going outside. Go for dog-friendly shampoos and rinse them thoroughly. If you take Fido for a swim, make sure you prepare a handy towel to dry them thoroughly so that their skin won’t catch dirt easily when wet.

The Black Golador is a moderate shedder so prepare your tools and brush at least 3 times a week (and more during shedding season). Their thick double coats are the reason for this kind of shedding.

Aside from bathing and brushing, other important hygiene routines for the Black Golador include ear cleaning, nail clipping, and brushing their teeth. Cleaning their ears is important since this crossbreed is quite prone to ear infections because of the wide and floppy look of their ears.


As with many active breeds, the Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix should be fed with lots of protein and fat. Avoid unnecessary fillers and stick to brands that have organic ingredients to avoid health problems in the future. You may also want to consider healthy carb sources, vitamins, and minerals.

Don’t free-feed your Golden Black Lab Mix since it poses a risk for obesity. Instead, schedule your feeding 2 times a day. The two meals, as well as any added treats as rewards, should be 3 1/2 to 4 1/4 cups a day of quality dog food. They are a large breed so make sure to find the proper formula for that breed size.


The Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix is an active breed so there are a plethora of activities you can do, such as the following:


The good old game of fetch is going to be enjoyable for Fido, especially if you don’t have a vacation budget or time at the moment. Your Black Golador will be entertained for hours and you can switch up the different items that you use and throw, whether it’s a traditional baseball, a Frisbee, or anything else.

However, when playing fetch, make sure you only set a time limit. You don’t want to be fully exhausted whereas your dog still wants to play! That’s because of the parents of this crossbreed – they are naturally vigorous when it comes to playing fetch and you’ll overwork yourself!

Swimming and water sports

During the summer, the Black Golador will most likely enjoy a good swim with you. Whether it’s on a lake or the ocean, swimming is a great activity that will not only physically strengthen your dog but will also provide them with mental stimulation. It is also a way to bond with your dog while also cooling them down from the summer heat.

You can also try dock diving, in which you just throw any floating toy into the water and get your dog to retrieve it. After all, the Black Golador does originate from the Golden Retriever, right?

Health Problems

A Black Golador may inherit some of their parents’ health problems, which includes the following:

  • eye problems
  • elbow dysplasia
  • cruciate ligament injury
  • diabetes
  • hip dysplasia
  • obesity
  • skin problems
  • hypothyroidism

Is the Black Golador Family-Friendly?

Yes, the Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix will be friendly towards kids but make sure you always supervise them as they are quite a hyperactive breed. With proper socialization and early training, your Black Golador won’t be destructive when they grow older.

Finding a Golden Retriever Black Lab Mix

Black Goladors can be adopted from rescue groups or obtained from breeders. Whichever you choose, make sure that you ask the important questions, such as the dog’s health history, temperament, and the like.


I had my first litter three years later. It was by Tigathoe’s Pious Pete, a serious field competitor. After a great deal of cajoling and bribery on the part of my family members, I enrolled in an Obedience Class. At the same time, I took on my relative’s dog and went High In Trial with him.

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