How to Stop Golden Retriever from Biting

Golden Retriever dogs are considered as caring and devoted dogs. They are a great family pet. But, Golden Retriever biting is a great issue due to a combination of their personality traits and environmental factors. They can chase small children, other animals, and bit at them. That’s why you need to find the way to handle this. Check out this post to learn how to stop your golden retriever from biting.

puppy golden retriever biting

Why Do Golden Retrievers Bite?

All dogs start with the change to bite. But, Golden Retrievers are very sensitive to people. That’s why you need to give them the proper kind of supportive home environment. One of the common behaviors in Golden Retrievers is biting. These dogs also tend to nip. These behaviors should be discouraged at your home.

Fear is also a reason why your Golden Retriever bites. This occurs when he grows so fearful as well as anxious about his position in a situation. He purposes to protect himself from a strange dog or person.

In addition, fear can occur when your dog doesn’t have a strong and stable home environment. So, many pet owners give their dogs everything they want and need. As a dog owner, you also need to avoid any potential fear based behaviors.

The stage your Golden Retriever start biting is between 8 and 14 weeks of age. In this stage, your dog normally fears of anything that is otherwise irrational.

The thing a dog need is a strong and powerful leadership. Then, he won’t worry about protection because he has you. Don’t coddle your dog or reassure him once he shows fear. This even makes it worse. Instead, your dog may want to play and nip. Thus, you should teach him when it is too hard a bite. So, how can you do to control Golden Retriever biting?

So How to Stop Golden Retriever Dog from Biting ?

Basically, you need to pretend to be his mother dog. Then, you can teach him when he is really hard in his bites. But, how you can teach your dog? Yep, you can yell at him. Remember to yell loudly whenever he bites. You can tell NO, STOP, or DON’T BITE. And then, your dog will realize that it’s not good to bite. Of course, he will gradually stop doing that. In addition, it’s also important to assert on your Golden retriever you are his teacher. And, he will obey you.

golden retriever with toyIn fact, your dog may playfully bite your toes or your fingers. Once you watch your dog with smiling eyes, he surely thinks that you approve of that he bites anything such as rugs and clothes. And, this is a bad habit. The best thing you can do to stop it is preventing such bad habit from forming. In fact, you shouldn’t allow your dog to do something that he shouldn’t repeat again.

In order to prevent biting behavior in your Golden retrievers, it’s essential to care for one very important aspect. Especially, it’s wrong when you pull back as he bites you. Instead, you need to move forward towards him as though you are intimidating him. As a result, your dog won’t repeat that. Believe me!

You can also prevent your dog from biting by giving him a loud yelp and leave him as he starts to nip at your fingers or your toes. A form of punishment is essential. This aims to help him realize that he has done a wrong thing.

To prevent your Golden retriever puppy from assuming that it’s wrong to play, you can return with a toy. It’s a great idea to teach him to play with the toy. Another effective measure is glaring. But, it’s important to be patient and persistent in the meantime. In fact, there are some certain games to avoid when stopping your Golden retriever puppy from biting. They include chasing and tackling, tug-of-war, as well as any others inciting him to bite a person.

In addition, you can also apply several tried and tested methods such as a slight rebuke, a loud yell, a firm No, or a distraction to something else. They are all great. But, you need to be patient and rational.

Once he still continues biting and he offers an alarming growling and aggression, it’s time to contact a behaviorist. She will help to understand exactly the cause of this dangerous display. Plus, don’t forget to give your puppy an exam with your vet. In fact, if your dog feels not good, he may show the biting.

The last important thing is educating your children about the way to treat the puppy well. In fact, a dog will bite when he scares. That’s why you don’t let your children hurt or tease your puppy. And, your children shouldn’t startle any puppy or dog.



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