Kenchii Dog Grooming Shears Review

Kenchii is one of the most popular and finest grooming tools manufacturers in the world. This brand is known for its innovative design and passion toward bringing the highly-engineered design, which can fulfill all your needs and provide a great number of features in such a simple tool.

From the manufacturing of shears to combs, you can find almost every product that your pet needs. Going with such a reputed brand ensures that you get high-quality features, great advantages and a lot more than that. Almost every buyer of this brand has a positive review of all the products, and it is also possible due to the great services offered.

The performance is unmatchable, and it keeps Kenchii forefront in this industry. Based on the quality of details and sharpness in Kenchii’s product, you can expect high-end durability from their product which can easily impress anyone with ease. If you are heading toward the purchase of Kenchii Dog Grooming Shears, then you might feel confused due to the intense variety offered.

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To sort it out, we made a list of top dog grooming shears from Kenchii. All these products are offering value for money deal, and you can find that each product has positive reviews about the same. This thing can help you avoid the purchase of the wrong product.

Top 3 Kenchii Dog Grooming Shears

Our team of experts tested almost every single shear that is manufactured by Kenchii brand, and we rated all of them based on effectiveness, built quality, design, usability and a few more factors. This will help you expect value for money deal, so let’s have a look at some essential factors to avoid getting the wrong product. Let’s explore –

  1. Kenchii Scorpion 46 Tooth Dog Grooming Thinning Shear

A number of positive reviews and the perfect blend of quality with durability are ensuring that Kenchii Scorpion 46 Tooth Dog Grooming Thinning Shear is perfect. It is reliable to shear dog hairs easily due to the handy design.

Ergonomics are great here, and you will find that this shear is easy to use. You are getting a better grip over the handle, and it can be adjusted by loosening or fastening the bolt. This butterfly designed shear can make you get quality grooming or hair thinning experience.

Things We Liked:

  • One of the handy and ergonomic design.
  • Provide great grip over the handle during long use.
  • Blades are perfectly sharp and made up of stainless steel.
  • It has a standard durable edge for easier usability.
  • There are 46-tooth in this shear.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Smoothness is not perfect
  1. Kenchii Flame 21 Tooth Grooming Thinner

One of the most expensive options that you can notice with Kenchii Flame 21 Tooth Grooming Thinner is it has a unique style blade. This well-engineered design ensures the perfect usability and provides a perfect finish during the use, which can make you rely on it.

It has a total length of 8 inches that can provide you with the perfect shearing experience. The blades are extremely sharp so that you can easily remove long and dense hairs in an easier manner. It has an ergonomically balanced design so that you don’t have to worry about design.

Things We Liked:

  • Handy design due to the ergonomically balanced weight.
  • Lightweight, and easy to use for the perfect finishing.
  • It has permanently molded finger rest for easier usability.
  • It looks premium, and the in-hand feel is also great about it.
  • Length of shear is 8 inches that are perfect for easier use.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Premium features are coming at a premium price point.
  1. Kenchii Scorpion Grooming Shears

The last option in our list is a combo of all the grooming products which can ease up with the usability and it has a range of features to enhance the durability. With this stainless-steel made shear, you can expect prolonged life-span of the shear.

The design is a premium, easy to use, durable, and you can expect many more features. The lightweight design is providing the best usability, and other tools are also going to come in handy with the effectiveness. You can get a perfect finish during the use for sure.

Things We Liked:

  • It has one of the premium designs with other units included.
  • Price is affordable if you check the price for each unit.
  • Grooming shear kit included keeping everything in place.
  • Ultra-sharp and highly durable blades used in manufacturing.
  • Durability is not a major concern here.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • If you have other grooming tools, then this deal might not worth your money.

After going through all the products, we mentioned, you can harness more detail about each product. To avoid the purchase of the wrong product, you can check out the buying guide.

A Layman’s Buying Guide – Essential Factors to Consider

Always check out the below mentioned five essential factors to ensure that you are buying the right product. This will help you in several manners so let’s explore –

  • Material

Most of the Kenchii’s shears are made up of stainless steel, and it is highly durable. But, some products are coated with titanium which can enhance the overall durability and gives you a premium in-hand feel.

  • Round Arc for Safety

A shear should be round at the arc so that it does not hurt your dog during shearing hairs. Sometimes, the sharp part touches dog skin and starts bleeding, which can cause a major issue. So, you must check out this factor.

  • Size of Shear Blade

As per different breed of dog, you can use a different sized shear. The size of the blade matters as if you want to give a better finishing or prefer slight thinning. Kenchii offers plenty of sizes, and you should know the need before getting started.

  • Value for Money Deal

Kenchii’s grooming shears are quite expensive, but the product you are buying must be able to offer you value for money deal. Due to this reason, you need to compare the price to avail of the right product and saving money on the purchase of the best one.

  • Customer Feedback

It is the last and most important factor which can help you learn more about a product. When you are going through reviews, you can learn about the positive and negative factors of a product which will help you avoid the purchase of the wrong deal.


Kenchii is a leading manufacturer of dog grooming shears, and if you want the best product, you can check out our list. We compiled all the products based on their effective design, great built quality, affordable price point, and a few more factors so that you can get one of the ideal products in an easier manner.

Make sure that you check out the essential factors or our buying guide to avoid buying the wrong product. Eventually, the products from Kenchii are durable, and brand credibility is good enough to choose any of their product blindly. We hope that this guide will let you grab an ideal product before buying a grooming shear for your dog.


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